On the Issues

Family Court

I will work to ensure that New Mexico family courts are making decisions that are in the best interests of children. I will work to provide more oversight in our family courtrooms. I will fight for fairness in our family courts, where each parent is treated equally, and where the best interests of children come first.


I will bring taxpayer-funded jobs that are outsourced to other states back to New Mexico. I will fight to eliminate burdens to employment such as unnecessary occupation licensing. I will work to reduce over-reaching regulations that make doing business in New Mexico more difficult. I will fight for lower taxes for our small business owners, who are the key to creating economic growth and employment opportunities


Public education in New Mexico should be decided on a local level, and parents should be able to decide how best to educate their children. Improving our education system means that children have options for their education, such as public, charter, private or homeschool. The funding for these different educational opportunities should follow the student and stay with them regardless of the choice they make.


We make too many people criminals for laws that don’t involve actual fraud or harm. The label of “crime” should be limited to actions that involve force or fraud against another indivual, not arbitrary victimless laws like blue laws. 

Many of our prisons are filled with mentally ill or intellectually disabled people. We need to improve access to mental health resources and reduce the number of mentally ill in prison. Rather than criminalizing mental illness, our prison system should be trained and equipped to care for the mentally ill. This way, when they are released they won’t be re-incarcerated.

I support the end of qualified immunity that protects police officers when they abuse the authority they have been given. If an officer murders or harms someone they should be held accountable.

Abortion, Vaccines & Healthcare

Ginger is for 100% Bodily autonomy in All things at All times and believes that government has No place in your Drs office, the medicines you take or any other medical decision. Those decisions should be left up to the individual and their Dr of their choice period


2nd Ammendment

Ginger is 100% for the full expression of Your 2nd Amendment Rights and understands that no amount of legislation can prevent insane people from committing crimes and no tragedy should be used as a reason to violate innocent citizens Rights.

Independent Ideas

I am not attached to a party’s agenda – not the Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian party. I seek to represent All New Mexicans with new ideas that aren’t tied to party politics. I seek to provide leadership that the state of New Mexico is looking for. I want to represent the people, not a political party. I will not accept what has always been done and do not believe that is how it must be. I am independent and seek to help ALL New Mexicans.

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