Meet Ginger

A Fourth-Generation New Mexican

Ginger Grider, a fourth-generation New Mexican, was born in Las Cruces and grew up in Portales. She attended Portales schools and went on to Eastern New Mexico University and Clovis Community College. Ginger married her husband Christopher Heath Grider 28 years ago and they have four children and two grandchildren. 

Heath and Ginger are New Mexico small business owners. They have owned and operated a construction business for over 25 years. Ginger has helped manage the business from home while caring for her children.


4th Generation New Mexican

Advocate for Children with Special Needs

Medical Cannabis Advocate

"Rabid" Libertarian

Small Business Owner

Former Special Education

Ginger spent 20 yers working as a passionate advocate for children with special needs. Although she is no longer working with special needs children and their parents, she has worked with Parents Reaching Out and has also participated in the Family as Faculty program at Eastern New Mexico University. She has hosted countless students in her home as well as helped co-teach a portion of the Intro to Special Education for the Family as Faculty program.

She has been a volunteer and parent advocate for Parents Reaching Out for 5 years now. She has traveled across the state assisting families of special needs students. As a volunteer and advocate, she has assisted parents across the state by helping them understand their rights under FAPE (FREE APPROPRIATE PUBLIC EDUCATION) and helping them navigate their way through the public school system. She has earned the distinction of Gold Level Donor by donating back all of her per diem while traveling for the organization.

She is a strong supporter of parental choice in education. She does not believe in a one-size-fits-all style of education.  While she strongly advocates for the rights of children with special needs in the public school system, she has sought out many different avenues of education for all of her children including public school, private school, and homeschooling. After a conflict with her local public school system, she chose to homeschool her youngest two children from third grade until they graduated in 2022.

Medical Cannabis

Since 2012, Ginger has been an activist for medical cannabis patients. She regularly attended Sessions at the RoundHouse as a patient advocate. She also speaks on behalf of patients rights at meetings of the Medical Advisory Board for the New Mexico Cannabis Division (under Health and Human services).

In 2016 Ginger along with Heath and other medical patient advocates formed the only medical advocacy group for cannabis patients registered in the state of New Mexico. She and her team have worked tirelessly to advance the rights of hurting and dying New Mexicans.

Ginger, along with her fellow board members, is extremely proud to have secured the rights of medical cannabis patients to be free from discrimination in the family court system. She has also ensured that workers are protected and that cannabis gifting is protected.

I am Proud that during my time with The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advocates Alliance we did manage to get , Gifting for patients up to 2 oz a day per person, Protections for medical patients in the family court system, protections for medical patients in the work place. I have never worked harder for anything in my life or had the opportunity to represent a more wonderful and deserving community. I will still lobby to get the New Mexico medical program to fall in line with “Patients out of time” the Federal Cannabis Program and to ensure that pregnant and birthing mothers are not threatened with CYFD for simply using a harmless natural medicine.

Ginger speaking to
Roundhouse in Santa Fe

"Rabid Libertarian"
Ginger Became a Libertarian in 2016

Ginger became a Libertarian in 2016 during the Johnson/Weld campaign and earned the distinction of being the phone banker to make the most calls nationwide for the campaign. After helping with the Johnson/Weld campaign, she dove right into the Party and has served the party in many different capacities. 

She has held the positions of Volunteer coordinator, social media director, and affiliate support, and development. She has had the pleasure to serve on the Executive committee as 2nd Vice-Chair as well as on the central committee as the Chair of the Roosevelt County Libertarian party where she still serves. 


In 2018 when the Party suddenly lost its Secretary of State candidate Ginger stepped up to finish the race. She campaigned all over the State and secured 6% of the vote in a Statewide race helping to retain ballot access through major party status.

Ginger is a self-proclaimed “rabid Libertarian”. She and her husband Heath are always on the lookout for ways to recruit Liberty-minded candidates to run for office thereby advancing the message of Liberty for All. She has developed a wide array of professional relationships across all Party lines and is well versed in the ins and out’s of government here in New Mexico. 

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