Ginger G Grider For All New Mexicans

Ginger Grider for New Mexico Governor

For All New Mexicans

Together We Rise

I would like to start off by saying I do not seek to represent libertarians, republicans, democrats, or any other minor party’s members in this race.

I seek to represent  All New Mexicans who are tired of the same ole and same ole, who are tired of accepting this is how it has always been done, who don’t want to believe this is how it always has to be.

The New Mexicans who just can’t make what they see in everyday life jive with what they are told by their parties, the mainstream media, and social media.


The ones who are disenfranchised, who feel forgotten, who have been downtrodden by the system.

The ones who have worked hard, lived a good life as they see it, and still feel under attack.

The ones who truly are just overwhelmed and tired of living in fear.

The ones who aren’t registered to vote.

I am friends with many different people from all over our great state who are members of all parties and some who have taken a look at politics and said NO WAY.

We are all New Mexicans

I am a very logical person who uses very precise language. I was told once that you can not use logic to win an election. I wholeheartedly disagree. That statement says that you the voter are stupid and can’t be taught. I worked with special needs children and their families for many years. I know that anyone, no matter their intelligence level,  can be taught. I understand human behavior and instinct. I believe with my whole heart that everyone regardless of their affiliation believes they are fighting on the side of the angels.

The other day, a dear Republican friend whose heart is PURE liberty asked me a few questions. She wanted to know if I was truly friends with a certain high-level elected democrat in our state. Then, how could I be? Did I Really think she was a good person? This made me laugh and then it just made me sad. The answer is Yes I am because she is an amazing loving kind person.

I explained that we all start out exposed to a Party. We usually choose to go with the one we have been raised around. Or, we differentiate and rebel and join the exact opposite. Then we don’t give it much more thought.

People act like their political affiliation is akin to their denominational affiliation. Red vs Blue and the general public agrees the “other” team is Evil, Bad, Horrible, Will be the Downfall of our great nation blahblahblah and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

I assert that Every citizen of this great state honestly believes that their party is representing the best possible choice to help heal the ills our society faces. We all know the problems that exist.  But we don’t have the time to make a difference because we’re all so overwhelmed with work, kids, family, friends, home life, church life, groups, or club life. Even finding an hour to make a dent in the immense problems the world faces seems an impossible task.

Along comes a politician who says,” Vote for me and I will fight for you. I will make things right.” They say all the right words – the words that tick all the boxes in your heart that hurts for your fellow man. So you put your faith, trust money, and Vote behind them.

Then after being elected things remain relatively the same.  Sometimes they get a little better for a second and sometimes they get worse. Your team will report to you that this major battle is taking place for your rights. The media will back this up and you will be steeled in your belief that you made the right choice all along.

Time marches forward. When you have lived long enough, you begin to see that maybe just maybe they aren’t giving you all the facts. Maybe just maybe there are no teams. You didn’t change your conviction to help your fellow man through this thing we call government, but you begin to doubt just how invested the government is in actually helping anyone but themselves.

We are neighbors. We aren’t enemies. It’s time to get back to seeing neighbors as neighbors, not mortal enemies because they vote for the “other” team. I believe that together we rise. #togetherwerise


I believe these things in this order:

America was founded on the premise that All Men are Created Equal and Endowed by their Creator with Certain Inalienable Rights. The first of these are the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. ( This applies to citizens of New Mexico because we are a State.)

The Most important person under the Law is the Individual, period.

All Power given to authority flows from the Constitution of the United States of America.

ALL means ALL it doesn’t mean just your team or folks who think like you, or worship like you, or anything else — it means ALL.

The Constitution was written to restrain Government from impacting the daily life of the individual.

We have two very precious documents – the Constitution and the bill of rights. Both are meant to inform us of our Rights due us by our representative government.  They define what the government may and may not due. And tell us what recourse we have in being made whole by the government when they do impede upon us.  It is incumbent upon us to know these things and to be involved in the process of our own government.

I believe that every man deserves basic human respect. That innocent until proven guilty is a cornerstone of our greatness. That everyone in public service works for We the People.

I oppose the omnipotent state and vow to always uphold the Rights of the individual citizen of New Mexico. 

If you want to know more about who I am suggested reading is The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Preamble, and the Statement of Principles of the Libertarian Party. If you are more into movies you can check out Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. ( I am he. ) 

People who know me will tell you I am a completely forthright, sometimes brutally honest individual and I will not be swayed in my ethical convictions. This does not mean I can not change my mind when presented with logical information. I am not at all afraid to say, “I don’t know.” I am a fast learner and know how to seek out those who do know. I always look at both sides of an argument before even beginning to form an opinion. 

I am not a political novice. I have been a part of seeing the sausage made. I am not at all squeamish and also not at all impressed by someone’s title, degree, credentials, or any other official license, paper they paid someone to get. I don’t bow and scrape to the elected officials. They work for me, us, and that is exactly how I see it. 

I believe that individuals should be free from the fear of government interference in their lives so long as what they are doing harms no one else. Although I am running as a Libertarian, I have no allegiance to any National Party.

I own myself and I can not be bought for any price. I am controlled by my sense of right and wrong and by devotion to the citizens of this State and country. My reasons are completely selfish. 

I am a mother of 4 children and a Mimi of 2 beautiful grandsons and I want them to grow up and live in the freeset environment possible. I understand that if we the people are too governed by a system then I have to be involved in that process to assure the results that I want for my progeny. 

I am Ginger G Grider and I am seeking to represent You the citizen of New Mexico. 

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