Bringing unity to New Mexico
Together We Rise

The citizens from all over our beautiful state deserve unity and a Governor who is working for everyone’s best interest, not the interest of a political party.

Support Ginger




Support Ginger

Ginger Grider for New Mexico Governor

Are you tired of the same ole same ole?

I would like to start off by saying I do not seek to represent libertarians, republicans, democrats, or any other minor party’s members in this race.

I seek to represent  All New Mexicans who are tired of the same ole and same ole, who are tired of accepting this is how it has always been done, who don’t want to believe this is how it always has to be.

The New Mexicans who just can’t make what they see in everyday life jive with what they are told by their parties, the mainstream media, and social media.


Ginger is the Write-In Candidate for New Mexico

Libertarians of New Mexico. Ginger G Grider is the Write-in candidate on the ballot. To place your vote for Ginger in the primary please be sure to write her name in as Ginger G Grider.

Ginger Talks
About the Issues

Join Ginger Grider, Libertarian Write-In Candidate for New Mexico Governor, and Travis Sanchez, the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor as they discuss issues that affect New Mexico.


Meet the Libertarian
Gubernatorial Dream Team

Why Support Ginger?

As a Libertarian Ginger is beholding to no party or national agenda. She is  dedicated to protecting and upholding the rights of the smallest minority and that would be the individual New Mexican.

Libertarian Ginger Grider
Has a Long History of Serving New Mexico

the Issues

Family Court

I will work to ensure that New Mexico family courts are making decisions that are in the best interests of children. I will work to provide more oversight in our family courtrooms. I will fight for fairness in our family courts, where each parent is treated equally, and where the best interests of children come first.


I will bring taxpayer-funded jobs that are outsourced to other states back to New Mexico. I will fight to eliminate burdens to employment such as unnecessary occupation licensing.  I will work to reduce over-reaching regulations that make doing business in New Mexico more difficult. I will fight for lower taxes  for our small business owners, who are the key to creating economic growth and employment opportunities.


Public education in New Mexico should be decided on a local level, and parents should be able to decide how best to educate their children. Improving our education system means that children have options for their education, such as public, charter, private or homeschool. The funding for these different educational opportunities should follow the student and stay with them regardless of the choice they make.

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